Best Cities for Digital Nomads Bali, Indonesia ::: Ease of..

Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Bali, Indonesia
::: Ease of getting visa, pleasant weather, several attractions and activities, decent internet connection, availability of co-working spaces, affordable cost of living

Berlin, Germany
::: Affordable accommodation, availability of co-working areas, rich cultural scene

Budapest, Hungary
::: Affordable cost of living, several attractions and activities to explore, well-developed co-working spaces

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai
::: Beautiful scenery; several criteria that meet international freelancers’ requirements such as cost of living, internet speed, safety, and more

Cape Town, South Africa
cape town
::: Affordable cost of living, internet requirements met, and access to breathtaking attractions that include beaches and mountains

Prague, Czech Republic
::: Cost of living suited for digital nomads, stunning architecture, rich culture, literary attractions and many interesting places to see

Tallinn, Estonia
::: Beautiful city, internet access is a human right, thriving startup scene, excellent co-working spaces

Wellington, New Zealand
::: Reliable internet connection, affordable cost of living, home to many digital companies