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  • Expand Your Growing Potential

    Growing cannabis can be a tricky thing when you want to get the right variables together to produce the best crop. Sometimes using traditional lights can be more of a problem, than a solution when providing light for your plants.

    Today, there is another choice when it comes to the lighting your plants, and that choice is LED. They are the next solution to your growing needs and here are some reasons why you should consider LED lights for your grow room. They can be found at Healthy Handyman who has written a great buying guide on them.


    (1) LEDs have lower levels of power consumption. These rates are compared to 60% of a HID lighting system.

    (2) LEDs don’t have filaments so they won’t burn out like HIDs. HID bulbs have an output range that starts to drop off at 2,000 to 3,000 hours while LEDs will start to drop off at 50,000 to 60,000 hours.

    (3) They are smaller and quick to emit their light. LEDs are tougher and are shock resistant.

    (4) LED lights have a lower output when it comes to heat and they often operate while cold. These lights can reduce the risk of fires.

    (5) LEDs can direct their light in a concentrated focus while HIDs have to use reflectors.

    (6) You can turn these lights on instantly without warming up such as HIDs.

    (7) LEDs can be dimmed for a better management of light output.

    (8) They are safer and classed as Class 1 LED product because they do contain mercury.

    (9) They are powerful enough to be used in large areas such as greenhouses and big rooms.

    After review, we can see the many benefits that LED lights can offer to those who chose to use them. There are some tips that you can incorporate into your regimen to offer a better outcome when growing with LED lights.


    (1) Watch the consumption rate of your water.

    (2) Use something that will produce extra heat in your grow room to offset the fact that LED lights don’t produce that much heat.

    (3) Mount your LED lights at the correct position.

    (4) Use multiple units when installing LED lights.

    (5) Decide what type of light cycle you want for your grow room.

    (6) Create a wide spectrum of light choices that allow you to manipulate the stages of growth allowing you to change the output of your harvest.

    By following these steps, you will be able to produce an excellent crop without any complications. It allows you to expand your growing potential to new levels that you may not have considered before. With LED lights, only your imagination will hinder you.