Life as a digital nomad

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    4 Benefits of Having a Nomadic Lifestyle

    You have your own schedule

    Becoming a digital nomad is great! Because of a flexible schedule, you can usually work whenever you want or whenever you can. You’re not obliged to wake up early and work from 9 am to 5 pm. You can work at night if you’re not a morning person. You can even take longer breaks and enjoy the time with yourself better.

    You can work anywhere

    working outside park type laptopDon’t want to dress up for work? No problem! You can stay at home, clad in your PJs while working! No more costly business attires, no more make-ups, and no more formal shoes! You can wear anything you want, and nobody would dare to question you. Plus, sitting around in the office can make you bored and uninspired. Working wherever you want is an advantage for your mental health because there’s less pressure, like when you work near the beach or the park. Also, you can save more money and time because you don’t have to commute or drive to the office anymore! You can just save the money for gas for more important stuff (like bills), and you can sleep longer or take naps instead of being stuck in traffic jams.


    You have a less stressful environment

    man, hair, coffee, cup, working, internet, technology, tablet, app, browser, device, screen, samsung, news, online, touchscreen, touch, stylus, entertainmentAs a digital nomad, you can choose the workplace you want—whatever makes you more productive and inspired. You don’t have to hear the clicking and tapping of keyboards, the arguments of your co-workers, the complaints of the customers, and all other noises that may prevent you from concentrating on your task. If you’re living a nomadic lifestyle, you can work peacefully in an environment that doesn’t stress you out.


    You can have new hobbies

    Because you work whenever you want, wherever you want, you can try new things! You can have a lot of time (as long as you’re disciplined) to try new activities and sports like bowling, golf, and others.

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    You can try hiking, kitesurfing, diving, and all the other things you wished you could’ve tried earlier. Heck, you can even smoke weed recreationally if it’s allowed in your country! New opportunities will always arise, and the best thing about being a digital nomad is that you can actually take those once-in-a-lifetime chances.

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    How to Be Productive in Just About Anything

    State Down Your Reasons

    list reasonsWhy are you doing the job anyway? Do you need it because it’s your passion? Do you need to work because you need money? List all the possible reasons why you’re working or doing whatever it is you have to do. Maybe you’re in need of the job because you’re saving up for a car, a house, or a new gadget. Maybe you need to work because you actually love to do it. Whatever your reasons are, write them down and make sure you go back to the list habitually. Knowing you have the right reasons can help you accomplish just about anything.

    Give Yourself Some Treats

    Are you a writer? A graphic designer? Whatever your work is, it might be difficult to stay creative and inspired every single day. Daily deadlines can pressure you, and other tasks can be burdensome too! To help you finish the job, why don’t you reward yourself with something while doing the job? Take for example in writing. If your daily dark chocolate barquota is 5,000 words, then perhaps you could eat a chocolate bar once you’ve reached 1,000 words. After another 1,000, you might want to reward yourself with 30 minutes of watching television or your favorite episode online. Just be sure you stick with the time. Knowing you’ll have small treats at the end of a target will help you stay inspired. You won’t even notice that you’ve already accomplished the job if you follow this trick!

    Be Optimistic

    It’s not easy to be positive, but do your best to declare positive outcomes. Encourage yourself. There’s no harm in claiming, “I CAN DO THIS!” while you’re at it (just be sure you’re not in a place with lots of people!). Have you ever used a spotting scope? This mini telescope is set to a high magnification to help you observe birds accurately or hunt better. Likewise, set your spirits high and focus on the positive things. Be confident that you can complete the task. One way to stay optimistic is to surround yourself with people who have inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful auras.

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  • Staying Productive Even on Days When You Don’t Feel Like It


    Many people struggle with productivity. And digital nomads are no stranger to the challenges of staying productive at some point. Being unproductive does not make you a failure. But it may point to negative habits that could hinder you from accomplishing the things you set out to do. Staying productive even on days when you may feel unmotivated is doable. You just have to work on creating routines that help you make best use of your time. Here are some life hacks for more productive work.

    1. Get organized. Organize personal stuff to create a work space with minimal distractions. Whatever you need for your work should be easy to find to avoid wasting time looking for it. Simple organization practices improve efficiency and productivity. Build a habit of decluttering and organizing your workspace every day.

    2. Take control of your time. Figure out what your time wasters are and deal with them. Get rid of the time wasters you can eliminate and find ways to manage those that you can’t. Assess your daily habits. How much time do you spend checking emails or surfing the Internet? Think of all the distractions that tend to steal away your time and work out solutions on how you can avoid or limit them.

    3. Start with the toughest or least appealing task. The more you put off things, the more time you waste delaying what you still need to accomplish. Procrastinating can stress you out. It could lead to needless pressures, especially when you have to work overtime to meet looming deadlines. Make a to-do list to plan your day ahead. Prioritize important tasks and tackle them first during your most productive hours.

    4. Give yourself a break. A lot of people mistakenly think of breaks as a time waster when they are in a rush to finish something. Taking breaks, however, can boost your productivity. A brief break after an hour of focused work can reenergize you. It also eases the dullness or fatigue that can start building up after you spend time concentrating on a particular task.

    5. Harness your self-motivation skills. Sustain your motivation using whatever method that works for you. You can reward yourself for completing important projects or tasks, visualize successful outcomes, or use affirmations to keep your enthusiasm when the going gets tough.

    Creating habits that increase your productivity can help you perform more efficiently and effectively. Stay productive and take control of your hectic schedule by using strategies that can keep you focused and motivated finish the things you need to do.