Life as a digital nomad

  • Healthy Living For Digital Nomads

    digital nomad

    Contrary to popular belief, being a digital nomad is not just about working at home or while traveling somewhere. It’s not just about being in front of the computer screen either. It’s about doing something you really love at your own pace and at your own place. The only problem is, digital nomads sometimes forget about themselves – most especially, their health.

    So, the question is: how can a digital nomad truly live healthily?

    Here are some ways:

    • Eating a balanced diet. Being a digital nomad is not an excuse for you to avoid eating and drinking healthy food or completely skipping meals, no matter how busy you are. To live healthily is to be mindful on what you eat or drink, while still being able to eat or drink your favorites. Want to eat something sweet? Eat a banana or purchase a dark chocolate bar, instead of candies. Want to drink something cool? Make your own refreshing green smoothie or fresh orange juice using a blender or like those seen in reviews of masticating juicers, instead of softdrinks.
    • Get enough sleep. Just because you can work anytime you want or anywhere you want, it doesn’t mean you should also take a good rest anytime you want and anywhere you want. Even more so, being a digital nomad is not about working really hard and waiting until you completely burnout. Always remember, getting enough sleep will not only help repair your body and its overused functions. It also helps keep your mental state in check, as well as your productivity in working. Moreover, it helps you fight off diseases and boost your immune system for the long run.
    • Don’t forget to exercise. This is, most probably, the number one reason why being a digital nomad is sometimes considered a minus instead of a plus. You see, working in front of the computer – take note: almost the entire day – doesn’t just affect your physical health. It also affects your mental health and emotional health, ultimately affecting your relationships outside of work – thus, the more reason for you to exercise and make yourself fit enough to overcome whatever challenges your digital nomad lifestyle brings upon you. A tip? A 30-minute or an hour of working out already helps a lot.

    How about you? Are you a digital nomad living healthily? If yes, how do you keep yourself healthy? If no, what’s stopping you from being healthy? Let us know in the comments section below!