How to Be Productive in Just About Anything

State Down Your Reasons Why are you doing the job..

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How to Be Productive in Just About Anything

State Down Your Reasons

list reasonsWhy are you doing the job anyway? Do you need it because it’s your passion? Do you need to work because you need money? List all the possible reasons why you’re working or doing whatever it is you have to do. Maybe you’re in need of the job because you’re saving up for a car, a house, or a new gadget. Maybe you need to work because you actually love to do it. Whatever your reasons are, write them down and make sure you go back to the list habitually. Knowing you have the right reasons can help you accomplish just about anything.

Give Yourself Some Treats

Are you a writer? A graphic designer? Whatever your work is, it might be difficult to stay creative and inspired every single day. Daily deadlines can pressure you, and other tasks can be burdensome too! To help you finish the job, why don’t you reward yourself with something while doing the job? Take for example in writing. If your daily dark chocolate barquota is 5,000 words, then perhaps you could eat a chocolate bar once you’ve reached 1,000 words. After another 1,000, you might want to reward yourself with 30 minutes of watching television or your favorite episode online. Just be sure you stick with the time. Knowing you’ll have small treats at the end of a target will help you stay inspired. You won’t even notice that you’ve already accomplished the job if you follow this trick!

Be Optimistic

It’s not easy to be positive, but do your best to declare positive outcomes. Encourage yourself. There’s no harm in claiming, “I CAN DO THIS!” while you’re at it (just be sure you’re not in a place with lots of people!). Have you ever used a spotting scope? This mini telescope is set to a high magnification to help you observe birds accurately or hunt better. Likewise, set your spirits high and focus on the positive things. Be confident that you can complete the task. One way to stay optimistic is to surround yourself with people who have inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful auras.

be positive handwritten

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