Jigsaw Projects Every Digital Nomad Would Love

Jigsaws for digital nomads? Why not? You deserve and need..


Jigsaw Projects Every Digital Nomad Would Love

Jigsaws for digital nomads? Why not? You deserve and need some wood-loving, close-to-nature belongings especially since you always use your gadgets when you work. Jigsaws are the grand masters of cutting various shapes of any material.

Before you proceed, read our favorite reviews of jigsaws first, and purchase your own! Trust me; it’ll be worth it.

Projects You Can’t Bring:

It’s exhausting to move from place to place, isn’t? But sometimes the office space at home is too dull and uninspiring too. So what’s the best thing to do? Accomplish these projects that would make you want to stay at home. These are the ones that would make your home office space look better and feel like a real office.

Door Sign

Carve your name, the word “office,” or any other word on a piece of wood to serve as a unique door sign! This way you’ll be mentally convinced that you should be on work mode every time you see the sign. You could even write your position to help you motivated.Rotkäppchen Fairy Tales Wooden Sign


Everyone needs a stool for when you need to get out of your desk chair and just relax for a while, drink a cup of coffee, and look at the outside world by the window. Let this stool remind you that it’s okay to take a break to renew your energy and refresh your creative mind.

Batman bookshelf

He may not have the superpower other heroes have, but he sure has the most achievable power there is—fighting skills and wealth! Feel classy and well off like Batman with this bookshelf.

batman bookshelf

Projects You Can Bring:

Now, how about things you can carry with you wherever you go?

Personalized keychain

Thanks to jigsaws, you can create keychains of any shape too! And the best part about it is that you won’t have the same design with someone else, and you can carve out your name or initials on it too. Unleashing your creative side has never been this easy with a jigsaw.

Desk Organizer

Do you own too many pens and pencils? Don’t worry! Even if you’re working in different places, this organizer will come in handy by organizing your writing and drawing instruments. Hooray!wooden-desk-organizer-pen-pencils

Notepad/Tablet Stand

Finally, a tablet stand that’s sturdy and reliable! Aside from the advantage of having a stand that has the right size for your notepad or tablet, you’ll also have a stand you can design! With a jigsaw, the possibilities are endless.


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